Thursday, June 30, 2016

Confessional Thursday

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I confess that as of yesterday I have 18 MONTH OLD toddlers. How crazy is that? It feels just like yesterday that I went into super fast labor and my sweet girls were born 6 weeks early. My how time flies. And we are definitely in the toddler stage right now. My girls are running all over the place. Literally running which means they are plowing through toys and sometimes falling because they don't go around them. They don't want to sit still because who wants to when you can run. They are eating machines and sign and talk more and more each day. Their personalities are truly shining now and it is crazy to watch them grow up. The days are long but the years are short....that's what we are told almost daily and it is so true. Slow down babies.

I confess that I gave in and tried the new Strawberry Shortcake Oreos and I didn't like them. The cookie part tasted funky and the strawberry filing was just ok. I will still to my favorite Golden Oreos. At least I can bring them into work for others to try and finish.

I confess that I have a dentist appointment today and I am not looking forward to it. Sure, I love my hygienist and how my teeth feel after the cleaning, but I always fear cavities since having the girls (I didn't have a cavity for over 10 years and then I had the girls and had 2 or 3 of them. I can't remember). And if I have a cavity they need to fix it today because it is the end of a fiscal year which means my dentist deductible starts again tomorrow and I don't want to pay the deductible again when I already did a year ago. At least I have my long overdue chiropractor's appointment this afternoon to make up for it. Crack me doc. My hip is so out of place it has been killing me for over a month.

I confess that I gave in and bought a few items I have been wanting from Loft since they started their 50% off and free shipping deal. Let's just hope they fit. I bought a pair of raspberry chinos, a pair of jean shorts and a black top. I don't know my size there, so I guessed and went off reviews. (code: July4th)

I confess that I hate the fever rule. Aves had a fever yesterday of 100.7 and daycare had to send her home. She was fussy, but nothing else is far (fingers crossed nothing else happens). Rory had to take both girls home since I had an appointment after work and he monitored Avery. Her temp was at 101.3 after he got the girls home. Let's hope it is due to getting her eye teeth and second set of molars all at once.

I confess that my girls are obsessed with their blankies and it makes for some rough car rides. If one of my girls loses her blanket (aka drops it over the car seat), she will cry until we can manage to give it back to her. And when you drive them by yourself (like yesterday morning), the crying could last a long time. Toddler screams are awful.

I confess that I skipped out on a birthday celebration at work yesterday and I am so proud of myself. No ice cream sundaes for me. I had way too much dessert last week.
And that's it for my confessions this week.
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  1. When I used to work at a center, the fever rule was 101 then they had to go home. What is yours? Hope she is feeling better & that it is just her teeth!

  2. Loft had free shipping again?? I think that's like 3 times this year and usually they are super stingy and only do it once! I happened to be in the store yesterday returning something and ended up scooping up three things--I love their sales! Fingers crossed for the dentist appointment!

  3. We have the same problem with E and anything she has in the car. Love me some golden oreos, better than original.

  4. I love the golden oreos with the chocolate filling! And my all time favorite is double stuffed oreos!

  5. I'm obsessed with the golden oreos.. like keep them far far away from me! Good luck at the dentist. I hate going too. My boys are the same way with their wubbanubs. If those things fall the screaming starts!

    1. I love them too!!! The dentist went well and no cavities!!! So I celebrated by eating gummy bears. My girls love their wubbanubs so much!

  6. I have trouble with the funky Oreos. Some I’ve tried are okay, but give me my traditional Oreos and I’ll be just fine! That Loft sale is seriously amazing. I was tempted to buy maternity stuff, but I opted to buy non-maternity that should work as well (that way I can wear it next summer too!). Daycare rules are a pain sometimes. We’ve never really had too many issues with the fever rule, but the rash rule killed us. Mila used to get heat rashes all the time and they wouldn’t take her without a doctor’s note stating that it wasn’t contagious. SO annoying. We’d either have to miss work to stay home with her or take her to the doctor and pay $100 for no reason.

  7. Happy 18 months, girls! XOXO I hope Avery is feeling better, too!
    I'm not a big fan of those Oreos. I had high expectations and they were just meh!
    Try clipping their blankies to their car seat with a pacifier clip! I did that with my daughter's BunBun when she was younger and it worked great!

  8. Ugh, I hate the fever rule, too!! Olivia sometimes runs a fever when she's teething and it really sucks to have to keep her out of daycare for teething! Very frustrating. I do understand that they do it to cut down on germs getting spread, but it's very unfortunate for people who have kids that run random teething fevers!

    And happy 18 months to the girls! That picture of them above is so sweet. Just more fuel for my baby fever!

  9. If one twin cries, does the other one start crying? My twin use to always start to cry if I cried. She was a total fake crier. We had separate cribs but every single night, she would climb out of hers and climb into mine. Every single morning, when my mom would come to get us, we would be in the same crib. :) Drove them crazy.

  10. Every time I say no to any sort of dessert is a huge accomplishment for me too! Good luck at the dentist!! (Also, have you had the Golden Oreo ice cream?! I think Dreyer's makes it, and Michael introduced it to me and it is HEAVEN.)

  11. Your little ones are too precious! Caleb turned 18 months a month ago and it about broke my heart!! I don't have a baby anymore! <3

  12. Yay for 18 months old! Time sure does fly. Oh no for the Oreos. I feel bad because I just posted that they were good, haha. We loved those! I've never tried the Golden ones, but I will be adding those to my list now! We got the peanut butter ones but didn't love those as much. Almost Happy Friday!

  13. I can't believe the girls are 18 months! Emmy will be in just over a week. How? I am all about Oreos, but the original ones. Why mess with something so perfect. ;)