Monday, August 24, 2015

Wedding Weekend

My feet are sore, I have a few bruises and I am tired, but I had the BEST weekend. And I actually made it out alive. It was a crazy busy weekend, but filled with so much love, friendship, food and champagne.

As I mentioned on Friday, we had to take Avery to the pediatrician for her clogged tear duct, and guess what, that is exactly what she has. So we have to massage under her tear duct by rubbing 10 small circles and then massage downwards along her nose. This is to hopefully break up the clog. And if we can't get it to do that, then she can see an eye doctor to see what our next course of action will be.
 Little Miss Avery and momma

Then I got my toes done and another appointment for the girls. Their helmets are off, the doctor took some measurements and they are looking great. So happy for my girls.

I headed up to Montreux Golf Course and County Club for the wedding rehearsal. We rehearsed and it was a scary walk down the aisle. Huge slope on pavement. But a gorgeous location. Then we went to the rehearsal dinner. So much fun hanging out with my friends!
 Bridesmaids with the bride!

Saturday morning I was up bright and early. After hanging out with my girls in the morning, I headed to GSR to meet the bridal party at 7:30 am. From there we headed to the bride's friends house for the days festivities. We had brunch, lunch, got our make up done, hair done, some DIY projects, girl time and spent the day getting ready for the wedding.
 Stacey and I before the ceremony

At 4 pm we headed to the wedding site and watched our friends Nick and Nathalie get married. Beautiful vows. I did cry.
All of the bridesmaids

We took pictures and headed back to cocktail hour where I met this handsome man of mine.
And this gorgeous friend of ours

We ate, drank, danced and had the most amazing time.
 Bridesmaid fun
Mike and I cupcake cheersing
Cupcakes and cake pops by Cake on Sunday
The gorgeous bride and her mom

After the wedding, we headed back to the GSR (Grand Sierra Resort) to go to Lex for more dancing and fun. My husband and I never go to clubs, so it was fun and a change of pace. We danced even more and stayed up so very late.

Sunday we slept in, went to brunch and went home to our babies who we missed so very much.
 Sweet Sutton with mommy
Sweet Avery girl

We capped off our weekend with a family dinner of Italian food. So good. I need to go on a cleanse pronto. It was an amazing weekend and I am sad to see it end and be back to work on Monday. But my body is glad it is done. 

How was your weekend?


  1. I love Nathalie's wedding dress so much, such a beautiful bride! I am glad you had fun, nothing beats dancing, good food, a decent amount of alcohol and amazing company. Even though weddings are fun they can be super stressful so it is nice when it is all over sometimes.

    1. She was definitely a beautiful bride. That dress was made for her (in the fit sense). Weddings are awesome, but as you said stressful.

  2. I adore those bridesmaid dresses and the bride's dress. It looks like it was a gorgeous wedding. I bet your girls were happy to have mommy and daddy home. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you. The bridesmaid dresses turned out better than I imagined. They fit great (other than the a small safety pin to keep the bottom closed while dancing), were a great color and soft. Plus the hair and make up added the perfect touch. My girls were smiling ear to ear when we got home. But they did have their grandma, aunt and great aunt watching them while we were gone. Very spoiled!!!

  3. What an amazing weekend!! Looks like you and your hubby had a great time and got to really enjoy the wedding and festivities. I'm a little jealous. Emerson won't take a bottle so I can't really go far without her. Gotta get her on the bottle train. I'm sure your girls got so much love over the weekend. So awesome!

    1. Emerson (love the name by the way) is such a doll. We didn't have a hard time transitioning to the bottle since they had it while they were in the NICU for 4 weeks. So I am grateful for that. But I know how hard it can be. Have you tried different bottles?