Friday, August 21, 2015

Wedding Friday

Friday is here and I have survived my crazy busy week so far, but there is still time for a meltdown before end of day. I have a busy day planned starting right after work, so I am using my work time to get work done and blog a bit. Once work is done, I am off to a doctor's appointment for my Avery girl. She has a clogged tear duct and we need to see what to do about it. Then it's grabbing lunch on the run, getting a pedicure, running home (if I have time) to change, going to the girls final helmet appointment (final measurements and care instructions) then off to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Busy lady here.

And I have to try to squeeze in some time with my ladies. I haven't seen them much this week due to all the evening appointments, but I did get some quality time in with them yesterday. And even some one on one time with Sutton when her sister took a cat nap. Love my girls!

Tomorrow is Nathalie's wedding and I can't wait to share her day with her. Thanks for letting me be a bridesmaid and stand up next to you while you marry Nick (whom we introduced to you!). We love you both!

Now onto my link up. Most likely will be random because I am throwing this together on the fly.

One. Coffee. I can't get enough of it lately. I love it. I need it to survive. We bought a french press, kettle and awesome coffee for work and I have been downing it all day every day. We have been buying from local roasters and it is so good. Plus it saves us soooooo much money ($4 lattes for two everyday hurts the pocketbook). And I am sure I will need coffee all day tomorrow unless my little ladies both sleep through the night (I am looking at you Avery).

Two. Nat's Wedding. I love weddings and reminisced my own wedding Monday (2nd Anniversary). I can't wait for tomorrow.
Nathalie and Danielle at Butler Wedding
MOH Nathalie and I at my wedding

Three. Weekend away with my husband. This wedding weekend comes at a good time (right after our anniversary) and I get to have an overnight with my husband sans babies. This is huge. We have each spent a night or 7 (husband) away from the girls, but never together. Sure we have date nights where we have someone watch the girls, but this time we get a whole night away. Don't get me wrong, I love my girls so much and hate being away from them. But we need a husband and wife evening every once in awhile too. Next time it will be a weekend in Napa/Sonoma!

Four. Football. The first Nevada Wolf Pack game is less than two weeks away. I have been enjoying some preseason NFL games and getting ready for my fantasy football draft. I am in two leagues and I had other offers. Two is going to be hard to handle this year with babies, but I got this. Even more funny, my husband isn't playing this year. Only me and in two leagues. At least he won't have to lose to me AGAIN. Go Pack and Niners!

Five. Halloween. I know Halloween is still months away, but I am starting to think of costumes for the girls. I have seen lots of twin ideas on the web, but I want cute girl twins ones. I see mostly boy/girl costumes. Any suggestions? Can you believe the girls will be 8 months next Saturday? Time flies.

Six. I had to throw in that my girls are eating like champs now. We have tried a ton of purees and so far they have liked them all except green beans and avocado, but they liked avocado in a mix we did. They have had squash, sweet potatoes (a big favorite), apple sauce, mangos, banana, rice cereal, raspberries, green beans, peas, avocado and carrots. It is pretty fun to watch them eat. Sutton loves her food!! And Avery goes crazy for sweet potatoes.


  1. My son has clogged tear ducts as well. The ped keeps saying they should clear out on their own by 6 months but it seems like they're getting worse. I'll be interested to see what your doctor recommends for Avery. Enjoy your weekend away! I'm sure you'll miss your girls like crazy but I think it's good for the soul to have some time away...and your marriage :).

    1. That is what ours said and the girls are almost 8 months. Only Avery has it and we need a doctor's note saying it isn't pink eye (for daycare) so we knew it was time to just get it completely checked out. I will definitely keep you updated on what the pedi says. And yes our marriage definitely needs this weekend. A weekend to recharge!