Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wedding Weekend in Avalon

We are back from our amazing trip back East, but ever so tired from it.  That is why I took Monday and Tuesday off from blogging.  I have a bump update and weekend recap coming at you today and tomorrow.

Thursday we flew to Philadelphia, PA and then drove the hour and a half to Avalon, NJ.  That place is beautiful in the fall and I am sure it is beautiful all year long.  Thursday evening we were greeted with a bbq at the house we were staying at.  There was 12, sometimes 14 people staying at this huge three story house there.  So much fun.

Friday we knew it was supposed to rain, so we got out to the beach early to take a walk down to another beach town (Stone Harbor) and collect some seashells and take in the sights.
So beautiful and right before the storm rolled in.

We went into Stone Harbor for some lunch and ice cream at the most amazing place.  If you are ever in Avalon, NJ you must go to Springer's Ice Cream.  I got the Springer Chip and never turned back.  Coffee ice cream with chocolate chips, except they weren't really chips but more like brownie or chocolate bites.  Heaven.  

We bought the babies something cute from a little boutique store there and walked back to the house.

It was rehearsal dinner time, so we made our way to Carmen's Seafood Restaurant.
The beautiful bride and myself (don't worry that is sparkling water in a pretty glass)
My handsome brother in law, myself and my handsome hubby

Let me tell you dinner was amazing.  We had the choice of 6 entrees that came with a crab cream soup and a salad.  Any guesses on what I got?
This guy!
Check out how big his claw was.  So good.

It came to dessert time and guess what dessert was?  Springer's Ice Cream.  Guess who got Springer Chip again?  This girl.  But I did sample the other flavors.  This ice cream is the most creamy heavenly stuff ever.

Saturday was a lazy day since it had been raining all day since Friday afternoon.  We ventured back to Stone Harbor for lunch after a pastry filled breakfast.  We went to Yvette's Cafe and Bistro for some sandwiches.  I got the fresh mozzarella with tomatoes, avocado and olive oil on a fresh baked french roll.

We walked around some more and stopped in Springer's once again.  We couldn't pass it up.  We took care of some other errands, headed back to the house to get ready and head off to the wedding.  Now I don't have a ton of photos of the wedding, but we took a bunch with family that are on the professional photographers cameras plus some relatives, so we are waiting on those.  But let me tell you, it was gorgeous and so much fun.

The ceremony was at St. Johns by the Sea and the reception was at the Windrift. 
The beautiful couple
Not our place settings, but the favor was homemade jam which we tried the next day at the day after brunch.  So good.

We danced our butts off, including myself.  I took it easy with the babies and even invented a new dance with them.  We ate a ton of food, had cake, drank a bunch of sparkling water (beer, wine and liquor or everyone else) and had an amazing time.

Sunday was brunch at the bride's parents house.  Quiches galore, croissants and homemade jam, fruit salad, other salads, coffee, and drinks.  Yum.  Here is part of the clan.

After brunch, we took advantage of the nice weather and walked the beach again.
Check out how big the bump is getting!

And as we did before, we headed into Stone Harbor (a little over a mile walk) and had pizza at Seven Mile Pies.  And you guessed it again, we got Springer's Ice Cream to send us off.  Perfect for our walk back to the house.  Sunday evening was spent watching football and baseball (Go Giants), having family over and cooking a big Italian meal (ok I watched and hung out) and reminiscing with the newlyweds.

Sadly, Monday it was time to head back home.  We had one last big breakfast and made our way to Philadelphia.  Good news is, we made it home.  Bad news was there was huge delays (one hour in Philadelphia and 3 1/2 hrs in Chicago) that pushed back our flights big time.  We made it home at 9:30 when we were supposed to get in at 5:30.  That meant less cuddle time with our dude, Walter and a very sleepy Tuesday.  Hence why I never blogged yesterday.

I can't wait to head back to Avalon.  Such a fun weekend.

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