Friday, October 17, 2014

Oh Hey Friday + Thank Heaven for the Giants

It is Friday, I am out of town for work next week (Vegas) and the Giants are going to the World Series again!  Life is good.  I am pretty much on cloud nine after last night's Giants game.  It was a very exciting last two innings with the best outcome.  Get ready Royals, we are coming for you.  Love, The Giants.

I smell a three-repeat (World Series win that is).  Giants won the 2010, 2012 and hopefully the 2014 World Series.  Super pumped today.  Can't you tell?  My husband says the sass is at an all time high today.

Per usual it is link up day with Oh Hey, Friday over at September Farm.  This week I am going with another set of randoms.

One.  The Giants.  I know I already said it, but those last couple innings were amazing.  A pinch hit home run and a three run home run by Ishikawa.  Pure amazingness.  I bet the Cardinals are really regretting taking Wainwright out last night.  I am happy they did, but I bet he is mad.  The Giants couldn't hit anything off of him from the fourth inning and on.  I know what I will be doing Tuesday at 5:07 pm (PST)...watching the Giants from the coziness of some bar/restaurant in Vegas.  I will be watching the Giants there on Wednesday too.  I.CAN.NOT.WAIT.

Two.  We are working on the girls room this weekend.  Cue the excited high pitched screams from me.  We picked our color, now we just need to buy the paint for it (later today).  Tomorrow we shall paint the girls room (two walls) and watch college football.  My in-laws bought our sweet girls their cribs and mattresses which should be here next week, so we want to get started on this room.  I hope to have some of it done before my baby shower in November.  I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going.  Oh and I need more ribbon to finish their mobiles.  They are beyond adorable and I can't wait to share them with you all.

Three.  My husband and I are going to dress up for Halloween this year.  We have a party to attend next Saturday and are actually dressing up.  I always want to dress up, but my husband, not so much.  I came up with a couples costume I saw everywhere on Pinterest (ya we are very original) and we bought all the gear two days ago.  I didn't need much, but my husband did.  Thanks to Amazon we got what we need.  Care to take any guesses on the popular couple costume we chose?
 Hint, it is nothing like this outfit from 2008

Four.  I still want your opinions before my hair appointment today.  Should I cut my hair into a lob or leave it alone with a trim?  This pregnant gal can't make any decisions.  Refresher on what I want is here and here are a few new inspiration pics.
What do you all think?  images via

Five.  The Fall weather is finally here.  That means gorgeous sunrises/sunsets, crisp mornings, pumpkin EVERYTHING, boots, sweaters, scarfs, leggings, comfy socks, hats, etc.  I love FALL.  I can't stop talking about our trip to Apple Hill next weekend.  I need all the apples I can get for my daily apple/almond butter snack, pies, apple crisp, apple donuts, caramel apples, crafts and basically apple everything.  We have a family tradition and I can't wait to see all of our family friends.  Plus it will be the babies first time there.  I can't wait for next Sunday!

What do you have in store for this weekend?

Now you should over to September Farm to join in on the link up fun.  You know you want to.


  1. I've been contemplating cutting my hair into a long bob as well, and am so torn. Unfortunately, I don't have any excuse for my muddled brain!

    1. You haven't decided either? I have my appointment in four hours and I can't make my decision yet. Aww hopefully my hair stylist has some input too.

  2. I love lobs for hair. When my hair was shorter that was how I had it. I am excited to see the Giants in the World Series too! Woot woot!

    1. I haven't ever had a lob, but just shorter cuts. The lob is attractive and something new for me. As you can see in that 2008 picture, I did have shorter hair at one time, so I am thinking I might try it. Better now than never right? Right? Haha as you can see I am still on the fence. Are you a Giants fan?