Thursday, July 31, 2014

Moving on from 30 to 31

So today is my birthday's eve, eve.  If that makes sense.  Tomorrow I have a post lined up for Oh hey, Friday link up with September Farm, so I thought I would do a post on my upcoming birthday.  Which is Saturday by the way if you still need to get your shopping done for me.

Last year I was about to turn 30.  I had some serious discussions inside my head about my fears of turning the big 3-0.  But when it actually came time to turn 30, it wasn't that bad.  It may have also been all the wine I was drinking daily to help me finish off my last minute wedding details.  That is right, my wedding was 15 days after my birthday.  And that my friends, is why August is the best month.  My birthday and my anniversary.

Last year on my birthday, my husband (fiance at the time) spoiled me.  He took me to breakfast, got me a massage (at home by the lovely Nicole), bought me a new Coach bag, took me to drinks at Garwoods in Lake Tahoe and then a romantic dinner at Soule Domain in Kings Beach, CA.  I could definitely get used to that kind of treatment.  He helped make 30 the best birthday.  And I don't think I ever cried over Wet Woody's (drink from Garwoods, get your mind out of the gutter people) like I thought I would.
Birthday dinner with a nice big glass of vino

So in two days I turn 31 which isn't too bad other than that ugly pesky odd number.  But in the last year, I have:
- Married my best friend
- Checked going to the Rose Bowl off my bucket list
- Went on a beautiful honeymoon to Kauai for 11 days
- Had my wedding featured on Weddingbee (which I had been reading for over two years)
- Watched the Niners get crushed by the Seahawks in the NFC Championship game and the Seahawks win the Superbowl (boo!)
- Went to Mexico (as a second honeymoon)
- Talked openly about our infertility and conceiving journey
- Helped my sister-in-law plan and execute her wedding in Graeagle
- And watched my best friend marry the love of his life

 One day post 30

As you can see, a lot has happened over the last year.  30 definitely made me a stronger person, a little more sassy and crazy, and I ventured into a whole new life (the married life).  I can't wait to see what 31 brings me.  Hopefully a lottery win (I guess I need to play to win), a baby, lots of travel, good health, new memories with my husband, winery tours (many cases of wine) and lots of shopping goodies.

Cheers to 31!

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  1. It's going to be hard to top the fabulous year you had at 30! What an exciting/fun year for you! Happy (early) Birthday...and here's to hoping the coming year is even better than the last!