Thursday, July 10, 2014

First Anniversary Gifts

So my first anniversary is about 5 weeks away and I have no clue what to get for my husband.   I am stumped.  First anniversary is supposed to be paper (traditional) or clocks (modern).  I saw ideas for picture books, but I already did two photo albums and two photo books.  Yes I went overboard a bit, but I loved our wedding photos.  Plus we have a bunch around the house including a canvas piece.  So in love with it.

We promised each other we wouldn't spend too much as we are going to San Francisco for the weekend where we will enjoy a Giants game (hopefully they can start winning more games after last night's win), two amazing dinners, desserts, wine/cocktails, some shopping, exploring and whatever else catches our eye.  Plus my birthday is two weeks before, so he said he would go bigger for that.  No complaints here.

So I went to Google for to look up awesome/unique first anniversary gifts.  Here are a few that stood out to me.
image via HandmadeHQ

You can personalize this anyway you want.  From your first song lyrics to your vows to a love letter.  We wrote our owns vows, so maybe putting both sets?  I don't know if you can see the hearts on the tree very well, but one has the wedding date and the other two are your names.  Very cute idea.

San Francisco 49ers tickets.  Seems like an awesome gift that I could enjoy too, but as tickets are about $200 or more per seat since the new stadium opens this year, that is way above the price range we talked about.  Concert tickets?  Not sure there is anyone we are dying to see right now.

A year of planned dates.  It is a very cute idea and I am sure I could come up with 12 great date nights.  I might need your (my readers) help though.

A unique watch.  My husband used to love watches, but now he doesn't wear them often.  So I am not sure this is the gift for him.  But he can feel free to buy me a new one.

And now I am stumped.  So I need your help.  Any gifts you would recommend?  Like any of these?


  1. Brian and I rarely buy gifts for each other for anniversaries. After all, there are no things that really express. Stick with events, experiences, etc. like your trip you have planned. That is the perfect gift for each other.

  2. I'd love to share with you and your readers! It combines the first anniversary traditional (paper) and modern (clock) gift ideas. The idea of "Dedicating your special day" is a really unique concept that is super sweet and sentimental :) Here's a link for more information:

    1. Thank you for sharing your unique registry items and ideas. I like the idea of having your unique day based on your state. I will definitely look more into your site.