Friday, November 15, 2013

Walter the Dude

I was reading my daily blogs and came across a linkup that I just couldn't pass up, "Pets are people too". Jackie and Karly are putting this linkup on and I just knew I had to brag about Walter.

Those of you who don't know Walter, he is a chiweenie.  He also has stolen my heart and I may be just a bit obsessed with him.  Walter is MY first real pup.  Growing up, we had cats, and then when I had roommates, they would have dogs, but they weren't my own pups.

About a year after moving in with my husband, I begged him to get a dog.  I wanted to rescue a dog because there are so many cute pups out there that need a home rather than spending thousands of dollars on a pure breed.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.  To each their own.  We searched for six months.  I would take him to every SPCA, humane society, pet adoption event and online pet searches.  We searched Reno, Carson City, Gardnerville, Sacramento, Tahoe area, you name it, we went.

We came across a dachshund in Tahoe that I just had to meet.  We drove to Tahoe only to find out the little guy was adopted.  But lucky for us, I had made plans to see another little guy too.  Enter Clifford.  Since Truckee Humane Society hadn't built their shelter yet, all dogs were in foster homes and we couldn't get a hold of Clifford's foster family, but we were told by the humane society that every Saturday they do an adoption event.

Saturday came and we got to Truckee early because I knew I couldn't let this little dude get adopted before I saw him.  We searched high and low for the adoption center (it was off the beaten path), only to finally make it and not see Clifford, but his paperwork was there.  We found out he was cold (it was a chilly, windy day in Truckee) and inside.

It was love at first site.  Rory and I had actively looked for six months.  We looked at hundreds of dogs, but none were perfect for Rory.  I wanted them all, but knew that wasn't happening.  But when we met Clifford we were hooked.  They let us take him for a walk and we made the quick decision to take him home.  Best decision ever.  We renamed him Walter (after the Big Lebowski and Walter White on Breaking Bad) and he stole our hearts.
Top Left to Right: Walter comes home with us, Walter hiking with us, Walter playing with his kong
Bottom Left to Right: Walter in his Niners shirt watching the game, Walter hiking in the snow, Walter at the beach

Jade and Oak


  1. Thanks Stephanie. He has stolen our hearts.

  2. awww he is such a sweetheart - so cute! it's amazing how you just know when you find the right now. thanks so much for linking up with us :)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak