Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My Announcement

I am back from my weekend away in San Francisco.  Spoiler: the Niners loss. 

I am still bumming on the loss and mad at the Seahawks win (they can't take the NFC West), but I came back to see my big announcement I was hinting at can be revealed.  Now this may not be a big announcement to anyone but myself and loved ones, but our wedding was featured on one of my favorite wedding blog websites, weddingbee.

I have been stalking (ok I do post a ton, so stalking may not be the right word) this website for over a year now.  Yes I wasn't even engaged when I started reading it.  Creepy?  I don't think so.  Doesn't every girl do this?  You are probably lying if you said you didn't have a Pinterest wedding board, swoon over other girls wedding photos, dream of this day, etc.

I wanted to be a bee, but was sadly not chosen.  I have seen real budget wedding breakdowns and real weddings on there, and I have always wanted to submit mine should it be worthy enough.  Well I did, and we were chosen to be featured.  Excited doesn't even cover it.  So check out my wedding.

Would you submit your wedding to be featured?  Do you stalk/read every wedding blog you can?  Nope, ok maybe it's just me.


  1. Haha, I don't think I could say that I do. But I did check out your wedding feature -- that's really exciting! I love how you and Rory really personalized the wedding, and particularly love the bridesmaid's dresses and the subtle Wolfpack theme :)

  2. Quinn, I guess I am a wedding lover, haha. I have been in a few weddings, and we always wear ugly bridesmaid dresses or at least ones that you never want to wear again. So I wanted something to make my ladies look amazing, something they will wear again and not cost too much. I am happy to say that three of them have worn the dress again already.