Friday, June 28, 2013

Wedding Nightmares and Bridal Brain

Ever since I have been engaged, I get these wedding nightmares.  They have become more frequent since it is getting closer to the wedding.  Ok, minus the last two weeks.  I haven't had one.  Maybe because I went on a mini-vaca or something, but they can range from walking down the aisle in pjs and my hair is a mess to the groom running off.  Can we say Runaway Groom! 

Even the fiance is having them.  Ok he had one that he has told me about which gave me a panic attack.  His "nightmare" was we were at our reception, about an hour in and he started looking for the photographer realizing he hadn't seen her all day.  She missed our ceremony, family and bridal photos, and an hour of our reception.  I would die if this happened.

Another wedding experience is bridal brain.  I know other ladies must have this.  It is like pregnancy brain, but for brides.  Someone will ask me to do something like email them something, go get something, etc., and I forget it within seconds.  You would think I would be happy to email a friend wedding details (vendor info, bridal party purchases, etc.), but it slips my mind right away.

Has anyone else been experiencing this? 

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