Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Last week, I had a break from it all, and it was AMAZING!  There wasn't any wedding planning, any work, or any stress.  Ok there was some stress because I found out a friend has bone cancer and another friend went into the hospital for over working out.  I worried about them, but other than that, stress free.  We spent the week in Graeagle, California.  Graeagle is only an hour and a half from Reno, but it felt so much further.  This trip has been in the works for over a year.

So we did work Monday, but then we drove out to Graeagle after work.  Ok we got SPOILED! Plain and simple.  We had breakfast everyday at 8 am ish and dinner everyday at 7:15 pm.  It was heaven.  Breakfast had hot items plus cereal, bread and extras.  Dinner was amazing.  I must have gained some weight this trip.  Ugh gym time will suck for the next few weeks getting this off.  We had salad or soup, an entree and dessert everyday.  And I ate pie EVERYDAY.  I don't regret it at all.

Tuesday we went on an ATV tour.  So much fun.  It was a three hour tour, up a mountain, throw the forest, and back to grandma's house we go to the starting point.  So awesome.  Wednesday we went golfing.  I sucked, ok not sucked, but didn't play as well as I hoped.  Must have been the golf lesson I took a few days before, or so says Rory.  Thursday we golfed again at the Dragon, and I loved it.  I was killing it off the tee.  Friday we rented kayaks and went to Salmon Lake.  We got to lay out, eat yummy salami and cheese, kayak around the river and even come out with a few knicks and bruises.  All in all, an amazing week.  I did manage to go on a run, a hike and some walks, to burn some calories.  Oh and running on the golf course chasing my ball.

I didn't get many photos as phones don't work up there, which is amazing.  But Rory got more than his few share.  I will need to get some of those, but here are two of my favorite shots.  One of Walter on a hike and the Dragon golf course.

Best trip, but now I am back in cubicle land.  And did I mention it is rainy, windy and cloudy?  I want to go back on vacation.

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