Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Mexico 2022 Days 7 and 8

This is the last post of our Mexico 2022 trip. We did a lot of the same things day in and day out because it was so hot out during the day. I am talking high 80s to low 90s and 80+ humidity. We did go shopping and walking around a bit, but mostly we just went to the pool during the day.

Day 7 started out with us walking almost a mile and a half to breakfast. Rory wanted to try this place (can't think of the name or find it) really bad. So we walked there and sweated a ton. I am talking lots of boob sweat. Ha. Oh and I still wasn't feeling in tip top shape still. 

I had another frap type of drink and Rory got a smoothie with cold brew, peanut butter and cocoa. It was really good.  The girls opted for fancy toast with peanut butter, honey and fruit. I had a bowl that had chicken, cucumbers, radishes, carrots, jalapenos, avocado, brown rice, seasame seeds and a killer spicy sauce.

We walked back to the condo so Rory could do some work and we could cool off. Us girls ended up at the pool hanging out with our friends (and when I say friends, I mean friends older than me, but loved hanging out with the girls too) and Rory came up after an hour and a half. This is when I was also checking into our flight and got everyone but me checked in. I was deemed not able to check in until I got to the airport which sucked as we were flying Southwest. That meant that Rory and the girls were in A group and I had no group (meaning I would get C group at the airport).

I had to go back down to the condo and call Southwest to figure out what was going with me not being able to check in. Turns out when you have two foreign trips within a week of each other, it looks bad, so I had extra security to go through. But in the end it was ok. It just took me longer and Rory and the girls had to save me seats. 

After our last day in the pool, we went back to the condo as we were trying to go see the baby turtles being released, but one place cancelled on us and the other place was full. We were planning the excursion all week only to be cancelled on. That is also what happens during the October are right at the end of the low season and coming back to the higher season, so things get changed or cancelled often.

We opted to just stay in our area and went to dinner at Il Pesce. This is the same place we went on our last day last year in Mexico. Avery had been wanting to go there but it was closed until the day before. We all had calamari (the girls loved it), pasta dishes, wine, and basil gelato, plus wine. The girls didn't like their gelato, so we took them down the street to another place and took it to the wine bar two doors down.

My pasta


Check out Avery's hair from the humidity and her messy face.

The wine bar we went to.

After dinner, we walked back down the Melacon one last evening and went back to the condo to go to bed.

Saturday morning we got up, went to breakfast at Coco's again and had the same dishes and the same smoothies and frapp. It was all amazing. We tried going to farmer's market, but it wasn't going on due to it not being high season yet. We were so bummed as we always get gifts and snacks there each time. We walked back to the liquor store so Rory could get some tequila to bring home. Then we went to a few stores to let the girls spend their remaining pesos. Then we went back to the condo to shower and pack before heading to the airport around 1:30.

As I explained earlier, the airport was fine. It just took me longer to get to our gate. Oh and we had to purchase masks to go just through security which sucked. I also had an extra pat down at the gate before boarding. Oh the joys of travel. 

We made it home around 10:30. We unpacked, showered and went to bed after seeing our pup. And that concludes our Mexico 2022 trip. I think we will go back in April next time like we normally do. We loved how quiet it was, but hated that many restaurants were not open and the excursion situation wasn't as good as April. 


  1. The girls look so happy and I’m glad you had a good time it’s always nice to go somewhere when it’s not as busy. I have the same problem not being able to check in on our last overseas trip. I did have to go through extra security but they told me it was no big deal it was just a random selection.

  2. Too bad about the excursions and security issues!

    1. Thanks. It wasn't a huge deal, but it did change when we want to go next time.

  3. That's crazy about the extra security at the airport for you, and the masks too. Have a good weekend!

    1. It is definitely different since it was not expected with how things are in the US now.