Wednesday, October 6, 2021

The One Where Nevada Won

I had to document this last weekend as it was not only a fun weekend, but history was made. If you couldn't tell by the title of this post, Nevada beat Boise in football. This has been years in the making. Nevada hadn't won in Boise since 1997. And Nevada hasn't beaten Boise (at home) since 2010. 

About a month ago, we decided to go to Boise for the Nevada versus Boise game. I had never been to Boise, my best friend lives there (for a little over a year now) and a bunch of our Wolf Pack friends were going.

Since we made such late plans, we decided to make the 6 hour drive there. We left Friday morning after dropping the girls off at school. Then we drove 6 hours, checked into our hotel, unpacked a bit and then met our friends downstairs for a bit before heading to dinner at, The Wylder. My friend who lives there recommended it.

We were told there would be a 45 minute to one hour wait. But we lucked out and got a seat at the bar. We ordered drinks and then shared the Buttermilk Market Vegetable Salad, followed by the Mushroom Toast (recommended by the bartenders) and then the Bronco Pizza (salami, burrata and fresno chilis).

Everything was amazing!

Shake Your Coconuts
Shake Your Coconuts cocktail (basically a Moscow Mule, but with coconut)

The mushroom toast has 5 different kinds of mushrooms and was amazing!

They had an amazing selection of liquor.

We then went back to our hotel and hung out at the bar downstairs with all the Wolf Pack fans and some of the football players.

Saturday morning we got up, got ready and headed out to coffee and a quick bite at The District Coffee. We chatted with a bunch of Boise fans on who was going to win. Then we headed back to our hotel to meet up with our friends. Then we headed down to a bar called Double Tap Pub for drinks with the crew that traveled to Boise for the game. 

About an hour before game time, we made our way over to the Albertsons stadium and admired everything along the way. It is a lot like Reno, but cleaner and nicer. Just truly beautiful.

And before we knew it, it was game time. And even though we were up most of the time, it was still very stressful. But we won and it was pretty amazing!
This was right before the game started. The stadium filled up and had the most people ever attend.

Some of the Nevada fans we traveled with. Yes, there were women who came with us too.

And that was the final score! 41 Nevada, 31 Boise

The team celebrating after the big win!

After the game, we went to congratulate the team after their big win before they got on the busses for the airport. 

Then we walked back to our hotel, showered, got ready and headed over to The Fork for dinner. We shared some Asparagus Fries and then I had a burger with spiced bacon and local cheddar cheese. It was pretty amazing. Rory had the prime rib special.
Yes, Rory wore his Birks to dinner. He called this Boise style.

Such a nice downtown area. And we had drinks with our friends at the bar on the left (barely can see it).

Asparagus Fries

After dinner, we headed to The Mode for drinks with friends. We stayed there until 11 pm or so and then went back to the hotel with two friends just to chat and hang out for awhile longer.

Sunday morning, we had a lazy morning since we didn't need to check out until 10:30. We got ready and then walked over to the Bardenay Restaurant and Distillery to have brunch with my best friend and her family. Fun fact....Rory and I introduced these two. They got married and have a little one now.

After brunch, we walked around downtown Boise and grabbed a coffee. Then we headed back to our hotel to leave back to Reno. We snapped this photo before leaving.

The drive home was pretty quick other than a low tire pressure warning. But I think Volvo forgot to change the sensor alert at my service a few days before as the tire pressure on all tires was fine.

We got home around 7 pm and the girls got home around 7:15. We spent the evening catching up with my little ladies and prepping for the week ahead. 

And that was our fun weekend. How was your weekend?


  1. Oh how I miss football games!! Sounds like such a fun weekend and Im glad your team won! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  2. So fun!! Football season is my favorite!

  3. Congrats to the team. Looks like a fun time!

  4. Great weekend trip! So excited to got see a WIN! Food looks beyond delicious.

    1. It was a lot of fun. And I love exploring the restaurants while on a trip!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful weekend.
    I'm not a football person but I am loving that blue field? Court? grass? LOL

    1. I think it is blue turf. It is awful on tv, but not bad in person.

  6. What a fun weekend, and even better that your team won on the road when you went to cheer them on!

    1. That is so true. It feels a lot better when that happens.

  7. Sounds like a fun weekend! it's good you were able to travel and have time with friends :)

    Hope your week is going well and you have a nice weekend ahead of you :)

    Away From The Blue

    1. I am glad we got to travel and felt safe doing it. I hope you are having a great week too!

  8. This sounds fun! I'm glad your team won.