Friday, December 28, 2018

Happy Birthday Sutton and Avery!

Tomorrow is the girls 4th birthday. I still can't believe we are 4 years in, but here we are.

I remember the day of their birth like it was yesterday. The good, bad and the scary. It all started four years ago today. We spent the day relaxing, going to Target to finally get the items we needed for our hospital bags (we never got to pack said bags), went to dinner at a favorite Taiwanese place and then dessert over at my in-laws house. We had brownies and ice cream which I ate happily, but sat very uncomfortably.

By the time we got home, I felt like I did two days before and knew something wasn't right. Well after being stubborn and denying that I was in labor, we headed to the hospital. I came in at a 4 cm dilated and within about an hour, I was a 9 1/2. And at 2:37 am, the girls entered this world and forever changed our lives.

Dear Sutton

You are such a little fireball. That is why your nickname is bear cub. You have definitely been a little ferocious lady lately. But I know that your sweet little self is always peeking out.

You are my sweet little helper. I just love when you sing your clean up song and how helpful you are to your sister. If she needs something, you always help her find it. If she wants something that you have, you always share it with her. You are the sweetest, kindest and most caring little girl. I hope that never changes.

You have blossomed so much over the last year. You have found your voice. You love to dance and are excelling at ballet and tap. You love to sing. Snuggling and cuddling are your most favorite thing to do. You always want to cuddle just before bedtime. I love that.

You give the best hugs. You are full of sass. You love to explain things and remind us of what the day is to hold for you. You are adventurous. You love to go on walks and hikes. You love trying new things. You love riding your new bike. You love to go first and show your sister the way. You love to wear dresses. You love your sandals and would wear them in the snow if we let you. You love Walter something fierce. You love to swing. You love to go to the park. You love to go to Home Depot and Target. You love your shoes. You have the best smile. You love your family. You love to play dress up. You love to play pretend. And you love being a big girl.

You told me that you want to be Elsa and a princess when you grow up, but I have a feeling you might go into the medical field. Your passion for helping others and your fascination of doctors, leads me to believe you would make an amazing doctor or nurse. But whatever you chose to be, we will be right there supporting you.

Sutton, you came into the world quickly, but you have forever changed our world. I love you baby girl.

Dear Avery

You are my sassy girl. You usually chose your dad over me for cuddles and to carry you to bed, but sometimes you chose me and it makes my heart burst. But you are definitely a daddy's girl through and through.

This last year, you have really changed. You are very articulate and love to explain things. You love to learn and are definitely showing a passion for teaching.

You have the sweetest little voice. Especially when you sing to yourself in the car. You would rather hang out and play, than take hikes. You leave that up to your sister.

You love to tell the story of how you were born. You giggle the whole way through explaining how you were taking up too much room and were basically pushing Sutton out of me. You were just too cozy inside my belly and wanted to stay there...without your sister.

You have the loudest scream. You love to swing. You love spaghetti and chocolate. You would eat mac n cheese for every meal if I would let you. You love to play house. You are always hungry and ask me what we are having for dinner every day when we pick you up from school. You love to give the biggest hugs. You love being a mommy to your babies. You love your technology. You love to dance. You love to help everyone. You getting your nails painted. You love playing chase with your grandparents. You love to take charge. And you love being a girly girl.

Avery, I love your approach to life and the world. You are a no non-sense girl and fight for what you want. I love your goofy self and your silly smiles. I love you baby girl.

Girls, this last year has been full of fun, incredible adventures, sass, love, hope, wonder and excitement. I won't lie and say it has been all sunshine, but you two sure have made it an amazing year. I love watching you both grow and become little girls. You are no longer my tiny babies, even though I still call you my baby girls. I love when you tell me that you can do xyz when you get bigger. Girls, just take it one day at a time and enjoy being little.

Thank you for an incredible year and letting us experience everything again through your eyes. It is amazing how beautiful the world is. Especially with you girls in it.

I LOVE you both!

Have a great weekend!


  1. What beautiful letters to your sweet girls, Danielle! Isn't it amazing how quickly time flies?! I can't believe our kiddos are four already! Goodness. I hope they have the best day celebrating with your wonderful family!

  2. Happy Birthday again! They both sound like amazing little girls!

  3. I CAN NOT get over how big they are looking!!!!!
    Happy Birthday to your beautiful girls!!!! Hope they have a magical day!!!

  4. They are just beautiful little girls and their personality shines through. I remember you telling me the scary parts of your birth story. I am so glad you are here to share this beautiful tribute to your girls! Happy birthday to them!

  5. What sweet letters to your girls. Happy birthday to them both! Have a great time celebrating them, Danielle!!!

  6. Happy birthday to your beautiful girls! I loved reading about each of their little personalities and how they are different and alike. I hope they had the best day today! <3

    1. I love sharing it with you all. I know lots of people who think they must be exactly alike, but they are so different in ways. I love that.

  7. They are just precious!!! Happy 4th birthday!!!

  8. Happy Birthday to such lovely little girls! And congrats to you Danielle, for raising them! J xx