Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Super Bowl Weekending

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So I am finally writing a weekend update in the middle of editing photos from my Europe trip. Which means I have been distracted because I am reminiscing. Hard. I had fun.

Anyways, back to my weekend. I didn't get home from my trip until just after 6 pm. Since Sutton and Rory dropped me off at the airport, they all picked me up. They greeted me by baggage claim and by greeted, I mean the girls came running and screaming, mommy! Such a great feeling.

After many hugs and kisses on the cheek (yep I got sick on my trip), the girls started asking me for their presents and if they were in my backpack and purse. I told them they would have to wait until we got home, but I did bring them presents. We waited with my boss for my baggage and then headed out. We got home just after 7 pm and I had to immediately start unpacking because the girls needed their presents.

I bought the girls t-shirts from Trinity College which is similar to our Harvard. It is in Dublin and I toured the campus and went to the Book of Kells tour. I also brought them back a pair of Cath Kidston slip on shoes, a Paddington Bear book, a Goodnight London book and some macarons from Laudree. I bought Rory some stuff, but I will talk about that when I recap Ireland.

After unpacking and taking a quick shower, we got the girls ready for bed. They were up way later than normal, but it was so good to see them. Sutton followed me everywhere, even in the bathroom while I showered.

We tried to watch a show, but I fell asleep early....jet lag.

Saturday morning we got up and headed to one of our favorite breakfast spots. We haven't been going out to breakfast lately because it is expensive and Saturday reminded us of that. But it was soooo good. Then we went out to Target for a few things, dropped off my dry cleaning and then to the park to burn off some energy.

Then we grabbed a coffee and headed home for the girls to take a nap. While they napped, I watched This is Us, Grey's Anatomy and started the Bachelor. I wanted to lay low while they napped because I developed a cold on my trip and was worn out. After naps we hung out around the house until my sister came over to watch the girls for the evening. We caught a bit before leaving, but then I treated Rory to a steak dinner. As I mentioned before, if one of us goes on a foreign trip, the one who goes treats the other person to a steak dinner for taking care of the girls and holding down the house while the other was gone. And it was my turn.

We went to our favorite local steakhouse where we had a bottle of wine, roasted red pepper soup, table side warm spinach and bacon salad, steaks (filet for me, rib eye for Rory) with all the fixings and then a gelato trio for dessert. Oh and we can't forget the champagne sorbet in between courses and the cookies at the end. By the end of dinner we were stuffed.
Table side salads at Western Village Steakhouse

warm Spinach and bacon salad

After eating so much, we headed home. The girls were sleeping so we caught up more with my sister on wedding plans, my trip and everything in between. She left around 10 pm and I crashed shortly after.

Sunday morning we got up and had some coffee and croissants (what I had every morning in London). We lazied around a bit and then I went out grocery shopping because the Super Bowl was on later, we needed food and I wanted to beat the crowds.

Once I got home, we headed to a park close to our house, so we were able to walk there. The girls played and we met a couple who lived close to us and the husband just happens to work in our other office. So we all talked and made plans to get together. After being at the park for about an hour, we walked home, but took a long way to burn even more energy off.

We fed the girls lunch when we got back and then they napped. We watched the football pre-game and finished Bachelor. The girls woke up just about a half hour before the game (starts at 3:30 here), so we got ready for the game and then watched it. The girls played a bunch during the game, but they LOVED the halftime show. They were dancing and singing to JT. When it was over, they asked to play it again. They wanted more dance. Ha. Me too girls.
chiweenie dog
Walter had no interest in the game

We ordered pizza half way through and Rory picked it up. Thank you DVR for allowing us to pause the game. Then the game went past the girls bedtime, so again we paused it and did the bedtime routine. 

After the girls were asleep, we finished the game and I was very happy with the outcome. Then I saw this meme...
Tom Brady Meme
Please tell me his wife dresses him because this outfit is ridiculous

After the game, Rory took Walter for a walk and I watched This is Us. Just wow. I cried like a baby. It wasn't as dramatic as I thought it would be, but Kevin by the tree and so many other parts, just had me crying. So good. Also, I am afraid to use my crockpot, ha.

We watched some Top Chef after and I promptly fell asleep on the couch like I did the past two nights. 

I am almost back on Nevada time, but I still wake up at 1 am for a couple hours and I am hungry at weird times. Ugh.

ALSO... I wanted to give a shout out to my friend April as today is her birthday. Happy Birthday April!


  1. looks like a fun weekend!! The girls look so happy at the park and like they had so much fun!! I'm so glad park weather is here, hopefully it stays!

  2. OMG that Tom Brade meme, hilarious!!!! So much fun park time over the weekend! We are covered in snow and the temps are so cold we haven't been outside much, it totally bums me out. I agree, This is Us wasn't as dramatic as I thought it would be but I was still balling! It's hard to not imagine yourself in that situation and you just feel for those characters!!!

  3. What a sweet weekend, the girls look so cute at the parkI like the deal you and Rory have for when one parent is away!

    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

    1. It is such a great deal. I just wish we got those dinners more often!

  4. I bet it was great to come home to that welcome in the airport. Your steak dinner sounds SO good! This Is Us made me bawl- so many sad moments. Those writers are just brilliant!

  5. That is so great that they all picked you up at the airport! I bet that was so cute with the girls being so excited to see Momma! Looks like it was a great day at the park.

  6. So funny your girls are all about getting presents. What fun things they must have from around the world.
    OK - I literally snorted LOUDDDD at work over that Tom brady meme... that is the funniest thing I've seen in the longest!

  7. Funny about the girls wanting presents - my kids were always like that too. Glad you had a good weekend back at home with everyone!

  8. Oh man your steak dinner sounds amazing! Glad you are almost back to Nevada time, I still remember the jet lag from the last time I went to Europe 15 years ago! Tom Brady's outfit is just odd for sure! So glad the girls were so happy to see you!

  9. Ahhhh the shoes you got the girls are SO CUTE! I love your steak dinner tradition. I always get filet if I order a steak too :) That Brady meme!!! LOLOLOL! I love that the girls liked the JT show! It was awesome! I hate you got sick on your trip, I hope you are feeling better.

  10. Such a bummer you got sick on your trip... I hope you're feeling better now! And that Tom Brady meme... LOLOLOLOL. That is hilarious!

  11. This post has me really excited for your recap of Ireland since we're headed there next month!! xo, Biana

  12. Awwww no, I'm so sorry you got sick on your trip! But that greeting at the airport sounds like it was EVERYTHING <3
    Green Fashionista

  13. Aw, sounds like the girls got some fun presents! My niece and nephew would be begging for gifts too. lol I'm glad the Eagles won the SuperBowl too; and omg, that meme of Tom. Hilarious!


    1. They loved their presents. The meme is soooo good. I just had to post it.

  14. Ugh jet lag is no joke! I LOVE how excited the girls were for their presents! Dang sickness, soooo much worse when you are not in your own bed. Hope all smooths out and you're back to 100% and in routine.

    1. Definitely no joke, ugh. They were so excited. I was just excited to be home!!!

  15. The game was so exciting!! That pic of Tom Brady cracks me up! And that steakhouse meal sounds AMAZING!!!

  16. The picture of Tom Brady is so funny! I can't stop laughing!

  17. That pic of Brady makes me cringe! haha geeeez