Friday, December 22, 2017

Friday Favorites - Christmas

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It's Friday! We survived the week before Christmas. I am calling this week a win, mostly because my office is so dead. People are either out due to the holidays or we are lacking work because others are out for the next two weeks.

I am almost done with Christmas prep. I just need to grocery shop and bake a few things....homemade cinnamon rolls and cookies for Santa.

So let's dive into my Friday Favorites.

ONE. Wednesday was the day the girls were to give their pacifiers to Giuseppe. We allowed them to have them on our drive to daycare (2 minutes) each way and in the evening. Once we got home from work, we gathered all their other pacis in the house and put them by Giuseppe. Then when it was their bedtime, we had them bring over their daily ones and give them to Giuseppe. They did it and were ok with it.
Elf on the Shelf ideas

Once they got into bed, they asked for their pacis back for about 10 minutes and then fell asleep without them. Avery did wake up at midnight and came right into our room. She got into bed and snuggled there all night. Sutton woke up (more like half asleep) at 1 am asking for her paci. I told her that Giuseppe took her paci to Santa and to snuggled her blanket. Her mouth was making the paci sucking motion, but she soothed herself back to sleep and slept in her room the whole night by herself.

So the first night went pretty well. We were thinking they would cry all night, but we were wrong. Now let's hope we can have similar or even better nights the next few nights into forever.

After the girls got ready for school, they went to find Giuseppe like they usually do. Once they found him, they saw that they had a big present to share and some mini hair brushes. They opened the big present together which was the Minnie Club House from the Happy Helpers on Mickey Roadsters. They were soooo excited and wanted to open it up right then, but we had to get going to school. We said they could play with it later. They then asked to bring their brushes with them in the car.

So all in all, it was pretty successful so far. Let's hope it continues.

TWO. This week I was browsing IG or FB and saw the coolest dog beds. Walter loves to snuggle. Especially when it is cold outside. He loves his blanket so much that he snuggles under it every night. When I saw this blanket dog bed combo, I really wanted it for Walter. I think he would love it. How cool is this?
Slipper Dog bed

Your dog gets inside of the blanket, but has a cozy to bed to lay on. Such a simple concept, but awesome.

THREE. I had such a hard time figuring out stocking stuffers for my girls. I searched some of my favorite blogs, I looked through the dollar spot at Target (completely gutted, ugh) and then just went to the store and went through almost all the aisles three times. But I did it. I found some great items and I wanted to share some of them here just in case you need some last minute ideas.

I got them Disney princess band aids (a box for each), a $0.99 tiny carton of Gold Fishes, Cat and Jack Crew Socks, Cat and Jack low cut socks, a pair of wacky socks each, small container of m&ms, Hot Wheels, Burts Bees chapstick, Cat and Jack headbands, silly putty, Paw Patrol bath toy, stickers and a Frozen write and erase pad.

FOUR. Above I said that I was making cinnamon rolls this weekend. It is a tradition started by my mom and one that I carry on now. Last year I posted my cinnamon roll recipe, so I thought I would share it again, in case you want to make them for your family. Note: you need to add a ton of cinnamon and sugar. Add way more than I did last year. I plan to. I used to make a mixture of the butter, cinnamon and sugar. It would be a thick paste and that is basically what you want on our dough (it is just harder to spread this way). So add a bunch and when you think you have enough, add more.
Homemade cinnamon rolls

FIVE. This isn't Christmas related, but it can be. Remember a few weeks back when I wore my sequin leggings to my friends 30th birthday? Well I am wearing them again for NYE. Yep, we are going out. We never go out for NYE anymore. It is most definitely amateurs night. But this year we were invited to our old neighbors house for a champagne/cocktail party. They only moved about a mile away and we are dying to see their renovated house. It is adults only and most definitely a great networking party. You best bet I will be wearing my sequin leggings with a silvery or fun shirt. Plus they are 50% off right now.

Merry Christmas to all of my blogging friends!

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  1. So glad that the paci giving away went well! I wish we could get rid of ours haha. Those cinnamon rolls look super yummy! I can't wait to eat ours Christmas morning! I hope you have the best Christmas with those sweet girls!

  2. So glad the paci removal is going well!! I hope that continues!! I love that we both have the tradition of making cinnamon rolls for breakfast on Christmas morning! I am going to try and prep mine today or tomorrow though because there's lots to do still! Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

  3. That's so great that getting rid of the pacis is going so well! I hope it continues! Merry Christmas!

  4. My Bruno loved snuggling under blanketsnso that bed would be perfect for him.
    Glad the first night went so well for the girls. Hope the excitement of Christmas is distracting enough to make the transition even,easier.
    Have a wonderful Christmas!!!

  5. That dog bed looks so cool! I think my puppy would like that because he is such a cuddler!! Have a Merry Christmas!!

  6. Glad your paci thing worked! Ugh those things are horrible!
    Merry Christmas!

    1. Haha, yes they are. So far it has worked out pretty well. I just hope it continues and we are paci free forever!!! I hope you had a great Christmas!

  7. So far so good with the pacis, that's great! Merry Christmas! xoxo

  8. That is great about the pacifiers! I hope it continues to go well!

  9. The cinnamon rolls look Delish! I love baking for the holidays. I've been thinking of getting a huge dog bed for my cats. They all love to snuggle with each other and I have three.

  10. I am glad that the pacis went well for the most part! Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas! Sierra ~Beautifully Candid