Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas Bucket List Update, Bits of Cheer and Christmas Pajama Party

I am taking another week of from Confessions, to participate in Bits of Cheer and the Christmas Pajama Party link-ups.

Ever since we thought about having children, I was always excited at the thought of Christmas with our future children. Now that we have the girls, I am even more excited about Christmas with them.

We have been checking things off our bucket list and I can't wait to share even more of our traditions with them.

Here is our update to our Christmas Bucket List:
Christmas 2016 Bucket List

1. Decorate the Tree and Our House

We decorated our house and tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

2. Santa Train or the Polar Express Train

3. Go Tree Hunting and Find the Perfect Christmas Tree

We went tree cutting the day after Thanksgiving and found the most perfectly imperfect tree.
Tree Cutting

4. Go Christmas Light Looking
Lights of Tanea

5. Send Out Christmas Cards

6. Get Santa Photos Taken
Santa Photos

7. Elf on the Shelf

This is a sort of one. We have moved the Elf around, but the girls are not that interested in him. Maybe next year.

8. New PJs on Christmas Eve

9. Watch as Many Christmas Movies as I Can

I have been watching a ton of them. The girls and I watched a Charlie Brown Christmas and they have been enjoying the Hallmark movies with me. Ok, maybe not enjoying them, but they cuddle me while I watch them. We plan to watch the Grinch this weekend and maybe Elf.

10. New Christmas Ornaments

11. Christmas Eve Party

12. Advent Calendar

I have been moving the snowflake everyday this month, well maybe a few times I missed it and Rory did it. We also have a Santa countdown that we change the number of days left until Santa comes every morning.

13. Homemade Cinnamon Rolls for Christmas Morning

14. Host Christmas Dinner

So far we are 7 1/2 out of 14. I am happy we have done that much. I figured we would only get half done.

The girls have been wearing a lot of wintery pjs and even their Christmasy ones a few times.
 Avery was none to pleased to take a photo for me
Sutton loved posing for me

I tried to get more photos of them last night and this is all they would give me.
Christmas Twins
Christmas Twins

Bits of Cheer Linkup

Christmas Pajama Party


  1. Great job on your bucket list!! You guys are having a great month so far with all the fun. Love the girl's jammies. So adorable!!

  2. Look at you guys crossing things off! Way to go!

  3. So many fun things you guys are doing! I also make homemade cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning and that's the one thing Brayden said he's looking forward to!

  4. You guys have had such a festive month! We haven't done the Christmas lights yet, but I think we are going to this weekend. We are finally going to turn Ben's car seat around and let him look at the lights. The girls in their jammies...OMG, so sweet! And, I can't get over that Santa photo!

  5. Enjoy the year without the Elf on the SHelf... hearing others talk about it, it gets REALLY OLD after a few years. You'll have plenty of time to work with that ;)
    "perfectly imperfect tree" - I love that :)

  6. What fun things you have planned with your family! My cousin did the polar express train with her family and said the kids loved it!! Also, that Santa photo is priceless... you need to send it to the Ellen show!

    1. I did send it to the Ellen show last night. I had to. It is a good one. I love all the family time and things we do in December.

  7. More than half way done! What a great list! I miss advent calendars in my life. I still cannot get over their Santa pic, so funny!

  8. You guys have done so many things! I need to look at our list and make sure that we're on track to get everything done... we're running out of time!

  9. I love your bucket list graphic! Ive got to get on my list I think we've only done 4 things so far and the month is half over :/

  10. I love your bucket list and all the pictures. Your girls look so cute in their pjs!