Thursday, September 15, 2016

Confessional Thursday

It's Thursday and I am flying to Scotland as you read this. But it is also time for Confessional Thursday!! Grab the button, write your confessions and link up below.

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/ that leaving my girls was really hard. I cried a bunch and I miss them terribly.

/ that I bought a box of macarons at Laduree and ate them ALL. They are my absolute favorite and they wouldn't last another week until I am home. No regrets. Ok, maybe my thighs regret it, but my stomach does not.

/ that I want to buy all the things for the girls. With princess Charlotte here, they have so many cute "replica" style clothing for toddlers. I want it all. Is it too early to get them tiaras? Ha.

/ that English food really isn't my thing. Sure, I love some of and chips, bangers and mash, but the partially cooked bacon and eggs or beans on toast or liver dishes are just plain gross. I am kind of craving a burger right now.

/ that it is really hard to blog on an iPad. I am used to my computer and the iPad just doesn't feel the same. #techproblems

/ that my new favorite thing to do with my girls is have dance parties. We had the best dance party Saturday morning and I am still on a high from it. Totally missing my girls!

/ that England is so beautiful in the Fall. I can't wait to see Scotland later today!!!

And those are my confessions for the week!


  1. I've never had macaroons before. I'm glad you are enjoying your time! Is it going fast for you?

  2. Those macaroons looked amazing. I've only had one before, but it was yummy. Dance parties are the best. We have them all the time and they always life my mood. I say tiaras are a must. ;)

  3. I bet England is just amazing!! Macaroons are so so good and I'm sure even better there!

  4. Awww that's so sweet how much you miss your girls! Just make sure you bring them back a nice treat and all will be well!

  5. It is NEVER too early to get a tiara... never too late either :)
    Hope your travels go smoothly today

  6. Ahhh take so many pictures in Scotland - one of the places I would love to go! Have a safe flight!

  7. Oh my GOSH, I can only imagine how much fabulous princess stuff they have over there. I would go NUTS if I had access to replica Princess Charlotte clothes!

    I totally agree with you about blogging on an iPad or a phone... I just can't do it. I have to use a laptop or a desktop. I even cringe when I think of anyone reading my blog on a phone... it just doesn't have the same affect and they miss half of the stuff on the page they read on a phone!

    I hope you're doing well over there... I know you're counting down the days until you can see your girls!

  8. Aw, I know it has to be so hard to be away. I think it's never too early for a tiara though ;) And, I've never actually tried macaroons, but I am looking forward to it one of these days. Those looked phenomenal.

  9. How fun!!! I love England so much! But the beans and toast--- blah! I scoff when my coworker's eat it over there. Have fun and reuniting with your girls will be glorious!

  10. I know you're missing the girls like crazy! I've always wanted to try a macaroon I'm sure they are so yummy!!! Have a great time in Scotland. I've always wanted to go there!

  11. Totally jealous of your macaron binge... my fave, too!